Our Global Network and Scope

In today’s globalised business world, companies need top-flight international partners and networks to build a successful enterprise. To this end, Simple Symbol has been highly successful in developing networks all across the world, serving clients in North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, our overseas operations are strategically based in ideal locations across the globe to best provide for a wide range of customers' needs.

To reach our customers

Through our well connected marketing professionals and overseas district managers, Simple Symbol has the proper synergy to bring our services right to our customers’ doorsteps. Through a unique combination of manufacturing knowledge and meeting customer requirements, not only do we provide merchandising expertise but actively help companies achieve their business goals.

Working with our manufacturing partners in China

Strategically located in China’s most dynamic metropolitan areas, we operate liaison offices in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Qingdao, and Yiwu to reach the heart of the top manufacturing centers of China. Our local team has extensive experience dealing with manufacturers in the mainland, ensuring the close monitoring of overall production and quality control. Since they are native to the local culture and understand the mindset of mainland manufacturers, our local staff can navigate the subtleties of communications, which often pose problems for overseas buyers. We act as your trusted proxy to ensure smooth operations at all times.

Ensuring accounting best practices and management of risks

Under Simple Symbol Holdings, we have established various companies with separate accounting to cover specific geographic regions. This also serves the important purpose of risk diversification.