Exceptional Merchandising Capabilities

Simple Symbol today manages tens of thousands of basic to mid-level consumer products to meet the needs of millions of consumers worldwide. By attending trade shows, fostering close communications with buyers, and through overseas store visits, our understanding of international trends is unmatched. We offer in-depth market knowledge, competitive pricing and high standards of service, forming a top benchmark that others follow.

To manage the vast amount of product categories displayed in our over 30,000 square-foot showroom is a daunting task. Each merchandising team is led by a seasoned category manager and operated by talented and dedicated merchandisers. Each team handles product sourcing and factory matching while at the same time carrying out extensive price/quality comparisons to select the optimal manufacturer. Products then undergo a rigid sampling process and follow-up at the manufacturing facility. There are also regular testing requirements that must be met as well as factory audits to ensure consistent quality and safety. The end result is careful management and supervision to ensure that customers get the exact product they ordered from us with full satisfaction.