Total Quality Management

As a sourcing provider, we understand that consumer safety and social responsibility play an increasingly vital role in the world of merchandising. At Simple Symbol, not only do we ensure that our products meet practical needs, we also make certain that they satisfy all complex safety regulations and requirements , and are produced in facilities that comply with socially acceptable work conditions. Everything is transparent.

Quality Control

We carry out a thorough goods inspection process before any shipment are dispatched. This controls risks by identifying any product defect that are inconsistent with our customers’ expectation. Working closely with our logistic teams, inspectors schedule visits to factories when goods are ready. We then carry out visual random sample checking for proper functions , and ensure that shipments are in line with customer expectations. We also certify that all packaging has been produced according to the original design.

Quality Assurance

Understanding the market positioning and requirements of our customers, we only ship products that are in strict compliance with both legal and voluntary regulations. We work closely with experts from accredited testing labs at the pre-shipment stage as part of a highly technical but necessary phase of operations. Proper documents and lab reports are then submitted to customers for risk assessment.

Social Audit

In today’s information age, any negative publicity can be devastating; especially when it involves ethics and human rights. Simple Symbol helps reduce risks by verifying that the physical conditions at manufacturing facilities and the working conditions of employees are at acceptable levels.