Excellence in Information Technology

At Simple Symbol, we continually seek out the latest advances in automation and control systems. As a sourcing service provider, we have developed a comprehensive set of internal standard operating procedures over the years. To enforce these procedures, we deploy a cutting-edge, enterprise-level ERP system. While analyzing and fine tuning internal operational procedures on an on-going basis, we also bolster them through the use of advanced technology.

Enterprise Resources Management (ERP)

Based on a highly scalable and highly customised platform, this ERP system processes, facilitates and monitors every step of our business flow. It also acts as a single platform which enables a wide range of functions from PO entry, sample tracking, shipping arrangement and documentation, to accounts receivable and payable functions. It also allows proper handshaking and seamless integration for inter-departmental processes and enables different users to track the progress and status of any order.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Serving as an important tool for real-time business analysis, our dedicated IT team has developed a sophisticated BI process for total transparency to valnable business and financial information on demand. This makes it possible for performance tracking based on customers, geographic locations, categories and internal groups. It also isolates growth trends and points out areas of improvement. Through this, we can produce easy-to-understand reports based on a vast amount of raw data.